Joachim bub

*born in Kassel – Germany
1998 – 2003Design Studies – HFK Bremen
2003Founding Member of the Soulcage Department
2003 – 2016mainly working for advertisement inkluding Media Saturn, Jung v. Matt, Dr. Oetker, Tele 2, PepsiCo, Scholz and Friends, BBDO…

Feature Film:

2011/2012Niko 2 – little brother – big troubleAnimator
2012Ooops! Noah is goneRigtesting and Testanimation
2015Richard the StorkAnimator
2015Rabbit SchoolAnimator
2016/2017Luis and the AliensAnimation Director / Compositing
2018/2019Bayala – A Magical AdventureLayout Artist / Animation Director / Compositing
2019/2020Ooops! 2Layout Artist / Animation Supervisor / Animator / Compositing
2020/2021/2022the amazing MauriceStoryboard Artist / Animator / Compositing
2022Moses the Pirate – Production TrailerStoryboard / Animator / Compositing
2023Butterfly TaleCompositing
2023Niko 3 – Beyond the Nothern LightsCompositing

Software skills:

Shotgun, Storyboard Pro, Maya, Blender, Zbrush, Nuke, Fusion, After Effects, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, TV Paint, Python