Compositing for ‚OOOPS the arch is gone 2‘.

Together with the loveley Studio Rakete I had the opportunity to do some Compositing on this colorful and funny kids movie.

Here are some stills taken out of the sequences as examples of compositing. This was before the final grading though.

All shots are fully stereoscopic compositings. So there were basically no 2D masks or 2D touch ups used or possible. We used cryptos as well as 3D point clouds and normals to tweak the sequences. The normals didn’t work too well on the characters with fur though, so relighting had it’s limits. The comps were done in Nuke.

On the left you see a pre-comp of what the render department delivered. On the right you see what was approved after I comped it. You can move the wipe to see the improvements … (hopefully).